July 24th, 2010
by Ethan

Apart from humans Canada has quite a few different types of animals, in fact Canada has far more animals than humans. so what kinds of Animals make Canada home? Well come along on a magical ride through the nature of Canada!

Yummy Carrots!

The Beaver

I guess we should start with the star of Canada, this lovely little critter is Canada's national animal and while he might not be much to look at, boy is he a hard worker! Beavers are famous for cutting down rather large trees with just their teeth, if you don't think that's impressive you go try it! they have two very large front teeth which are incredibly strong, they cut through the tree and use it's branches and wood to build their homes.

A little Beaver did this with it's teeth...

The beaver is Canada's national animal because it's pretty much the only reason anyone wanted to come to Canada in the first place. Beavers have two layers of fur, the inner layer is thick and protects from the cold while the outer layer is longer and very soft. This made the Beaver great for making winter hats, gloves and such. unfortunately due to their wonderful fur the Beaver was hunted continually their numbers have shrunk from around 60 million to about 6 million now.

The other reason people kill beavers is their homes. They build their wooden homes in lakes and ponds, but if there is no lake or pond they build it on a river which stops the water from flowing and creates a lake where there was none before. Farmers don't like this though as it destroys usable land and stopping the rivers can cause problems for their fields. So some farmers kill beavers whenever they find them.

Damn Beaver Dams

Beavers also have a pretty large flat tail which is used to warn all the other beavers around if danger comes. If they are in water and they see a predator, they take their tail and slap it very hard against the water. This makes a very loud sound like a gun shot which tells all the other beaver to hide.

Furry Antlers!


The Majestic Moose! Looking like Giant deer moose are the biggest members of the deer family. Canada has one of the largest populations of Moose in the world and the car accidents clearly show it. Driving at night in the countryside of Canada can be dangerous at times as moose have been known to ignore oncoming cars and if you hit one your car will probably have much more damage done to it than the moose.

Warning: Do NOT Do This!

Male Moose (called a Bull) are distinguishable from females because, like most deer, they are the ones with antlers. Moose antlers are massive and every year they will shed their antlers and the next year grow a new pair, some people in Canada go around during the season they shed their antlers and collect them, they make nice souvenirs or you can also carve them like wood or jade into interesting shapes.

While moose are deer and generally just do their best to stay away from humans it is still very important to be careful around them. This is especially true if they have a baby around, mothers have been known to kill humans when the human got too close to the baby.

Great Features

The Canadian Lynx

Similar to both the Eurasian Lynx as well as the Bobcat, the Canadian Lynx is a large striking member of the feline family. The Canadian Lynx is a quiet animal and is rarely seen by humans, I lived in Canada for 23 years and never saw one in the wild. Unfortunately their food habits are rather limiting and it usually only eats a certain type of rabbit which leads to a large fluctuation in both the rabbit and lynx populations.

*Quack* *Quack*

Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is a large brown Goose mostly found in North America, especially Canada. Not much to say about them, they are a typical goose, rather large and they migrate from North to South depending on the season.

Grizzly Bear

He's saying Hi!

Canada's second largest land carnivore, the Grizzly Bear is not an animal you want to come across while hiking in Western Canada. When standing on their back legs, which they will do to try and intimidate you before they eat you, they can grow to 2.4 meters tall and weigh as much as 550 kg. The only hope you have if you come across one is to climb a tree, adult Grizzly Bears are mostly too big to climb a tree, if you can't climb trees or if there aren't any around, they run faster than you, your best chance to survive is to play dead. Yes, pretend your dead and hope he's not hungry. Grizzly Bears are not only one of the largest bears but they are also one of the most aggressive, but they don't usually see humans as food so if you stay away from them, you should be fine.

Polar Bear

You have something on your nose...

Which brings us to Canada's (and the world's) largest land carnivore. The Polar Bear. Beautiful animals but while they look like they would be wonderful to hug, don't do it, they aren't very well tempered. If you are ever in Canada and want to see a Polar Bear go to Churchhill Manitoba. This city is famous because the path the Polar Bears travel on between summer and winter seasons, goes right past their city. But don't worry, the bears aren't close enough to be a problem, but they are close enough to take a very well protected bus into the area and watch them. Just don't leave the bus!

If your tongue looks like that go to the doctor!

Lately Polar Bear numbers have been falling and a lot of that is due to the melting of the Arctic ice, Polar Bears use these ice sheets to travel, they swim from one ice sheet to the next sometimes traveling miles in the water. Unfortunately as the ice has been melting some of these ice sheets have disappeared and the Polar Bears have been known to drown after losing too much energy while swimming.

Polar Bears, unlike Brown or Grizzly Bears, don't usually attack anyone unless they are hungry, this creates a good and a bad situation. They are less likely to attack you but if they do they will almost certainly kill and eat you. Of course they also live way out in the arctic so what are you doing walking there anyway you idiot?!

Sea Otter

What do you want?

The last one we'll look at today is one I've already talked a little about before, the Sea Otter. Sea Otters may be one of the cutest animals around, not just because they are so damn cute but because they love to play and have great personalities.

You'll often see Sea Otters laying on their backs floating in the ocean which is something I also love to do, probably one reason I like them so much. They are also an animal that uses tools, they will pick up a clam or a shellfish of some sort and put it on their belly while floating, they will than use a rock to smash the shell open and eat the inside.

So there you go, a couple of Canada's many animals! If you want a longer and more comprehensive list you can find it at Canadian Fauna!