How about some fish? Who likes seafood? Not to eat I mean! Just to look at. What we have today is a list of some of the strangest animals in the sea, some cute, some horrible but all interesting.

The Cutest Octopus I've ever seen!

Weird Creepy Green Sponge thing. At least it's not scary.

This on the other hand... The Dragonfish

Squid always look creepy to me.

Worms... I don't know.

I call him Frank!

Most of these are small, but this thing is 1 Meter in diameter!

Remember the horrible fish in Finding Nemo that tried to lure them with a light and then eat them? It's real and this is what it looks like.

Some futuristic Tree!

The Football fish, I'd kick it if it came near me.

No idea, but pretty cool!

Looks like there should be a little person riding it

Another Dumbo Octopus haha

He just wants a kiss!!



Looks like a Ghost fish

Saved the best for last, no idea if it's dangerous but it'd be scary as hell running into him down in the Ocean!

Found some more!

Weird little guy with big teeth!

These might be my favourite fish (Octopus aren't fish)!

I don't know what to say about this thing except HAHAHAH!

Spider Crab? Maybe. Interesting? Yes.

Like a little tank

I think he's looking at you....