Not really facts today, more just random stuff. But good fun anyway

Today's Soundtrack: Open Winamp or whatever music player you enjoy and put in the URL (sorry the music station has closed) . It's a dubstep online radio station. Dubstep is a style of Electronic music which originated in Southern London, England. I wont bore you with all the details but basically it's a heavy base centric music that's good for dancing and very popular among certain groups in the West. Try it, let it play a few songs (lots of different styles of dubstep out there) and see how you like it.

Don't fight them, they'll win, might take years but they will.

There's a quote from a great movie called Princess Bride (a brilliant movie for those who haven't watched it yet) 'Never get involved in a land war in Asia,'. Canada has learned this the hard way through helping the USA in Afghanistan. I'm incredibly happy to read that today Canada has finally ended its absolutely horrific and destructive war in Afghanistan by pulling out it's troops from the Khandar region. Sadly other NATO allies will continue fighting, and dying, for a lost and idiotic cause. I hope Afghanistan is returned to the Afghani people soon and they can get to the task of rebuilding a thoroughly damaged country.

No 9-5 job for him!

The Mad Cult of the World - Many questions my logic in not chasing success and money, this is a pretty good description of why I don't. We live in a crazy cult where we've told ourselves the only way to win or succeed is to work hard than our neighbours at a job we don't like for money. Happiness doesn't even play a part anymore. Congrats! You win! I also love the idea of looking at anything you do from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about it, human life from the view of an Alien is an interesting concept.

How I hate that dog...

8 Bit VS The World - A big fan of the Super Nintendo and video gaming in general I love these images, not sure how many of you grew up playing games but if you did check it out!

Chinese Photoshop Master - A man who learned Photoshop in his 60's and has been fixing old photos for free ever since. great to see stories like this! And some great old photos shown

F.lux - At first glance this is a pretty strange program, it changes the colour or you computer monitor to a less bright shade, makes all the whites go dull. Seems like something you wouldn't want to do except, it is. At night your monitor is bright and glaring and you don't even notice because you've never had it any other way! Try this program for a week, in the days it will be normal but at night the colours will become a little more comfortable and causal, after a week wait till 8 or 9 at night and turn it off, see how painful it used to be. I love this program.

Camera Mail - Stuff like this always makes me smile. A guy send a camera through the mail and asks all the mail staff to take a picture of themselves each step of the way.

Finger Monkeys!

Small Monkeys!! - Exactly what it says!

Wolfman and his pet - A man teaching a baby wolf how to howl.

Learn something new everyday! - It's said that it's important to learn all your life, so here's a site dedicated to just that, they'll teach you something new every single day!

Underwater sculptures - What I love most about this is that in the future, after our civilizations have been destroyed, people are going to find these and wonder what in the world they are doing there.